P3x Pico Multimedia Projector, 70 Lumens, 854 X 480 Pixels



The AAXA P3X pico projector combines ultra-compact, long-lasting LED projection technology, a built-in multimedia player, and a mini-HDMI port to become a mobile power house. The P3X plays high-resolution videos, pictures, text through a micro SD Card or USB memory stick, and accepts digital data source from multiple input sources. Complete with a two-hour onboard lithium ion battery, it is a truly mobile projection device. Using Texas Instrument’s DLP image core and 15,000 hour LED’s the P3X deploys a brilliant 70 lumens high-contrast image. With a powerful multimedia process the P3X is capable of playing 1080p videos, high-resolution pictures, and music. Packed in this ultra-compact frame is a lithium ion battery that is capable of charging external devices via USB. Additional input sources include mini-HDMI port and Composite Video input. Brightness: 70 lm; Technology: LED; Weight: 0.4 lbs; Zoom Type: Digital.

Additional information

Weight 1.000 oz
Dimensions 3.750 x 3.000 in


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