Megaphone Batteries, 7.4 V, Li-Ion, For Use With S600r & S601r


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Megaphone lithium-ion battery pack with integrated wall charger battery pack for the S601R Mity-Meg and S600R Mini-Meg built-into battery case with led charge status indicator and automatic charge protection (stop charging when battery is completely charged) input voltage: 110-240 VAC nominal voltage: 7.4 capacity: 1500 mAh / 11.1 Wh universal input capable – compatible with all world currents with the appropriate adapter plug charging time: 4 hours operating capacity and standby time: a fully-charged battery will provide 8 hours of typical operation, defined as speaking 35% of the time at mid volume, and over one year of standby / idle time. Cycle life: battery pack can be expected to provide 80% of its rated capacity after 300 charge / discharge cycles and 60% after 500 cycles. Storing, transporting or using the battery pack at temperatures exceeding 115°F/45°C or -4°F/-20°C will substantially reduce the cycle life of the battery pack. Battery Type: Lithium-Ion; Battery Size: 7.4 V; For Use With: S600R & S601R; Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh.

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Weight 2.000 oz
Dimensions 8.000 x 4.000 in


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